Editorial Services

I’ve started up a sideline in story structure editing (sometimes called developmental or conceptual editing). This is the step before line editing. I provide an Editorial Report as well as comments within the manuscript itself.
If your first draft is a mess and you don’t have a clue how to fix it, or if you know there’s something wrong with your story, but can’t put your finger on what, I can probably help you.
What makes me qualified? In addition to revising my own work, I have been a member of a writer’s critique group for over 30 years.

3 chapters: $35
Manuscript (under 55,000 words): $75
Manuscript (under 110,00 words): $150
Other: negotiable

Why so cheap? Firstly, as a writer myself I know cash can be hard to find. Secondly, I’m a fast reader.

If interested, please contact me at nmluiken AT telusplanet DOT net